A.Sales Representative

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with international trade and international freight transport and other related expertise

2.Good language communication skills and adaptability, team spirit, strong pressure resistance and responsibility

3.Skills in telephone and email development

4.Experience in sales is preferred


B.Overseas Sales Representatives

Job requirements:

1.Familiar with international trade and international freight and other professional knowledge, understanding of various shipping companies;

2.Good written and spoken English skills, good email and oral communication skills;

3.Extrovert personality, quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility, positive and enterprising spirit and used to accept challenges;

4.·Experience with WCA(world cargo alliance), Forwarder sales and business experience are preferred.

5.Work stability is high, willing to work with the company to create a better future.


Salary and benefits:

1.High base salary + High Commission, the average monthly salary can reach more than 8000-10000 yuan.

2.There are many national statutory holidays, annual holidays, marriage and maternity leave.

3.Organize regular tours, birthday parties for employees, fix weekly booking of badminton games, dinner K songs and provide subsidies for departmental activities;

4. Perfect training system, regularly organize training and exchanges among employees;

5.Five insurance and one fund, those who complete the annual task enjoy the performance dividend at the end of the year

6.Additional cash incentives will be awarded to those who complete their assigned tasks every month.

7.Five-day working hours (7.5 hours per day from Monday to Friday, and two-day weekends on Saturdays)

8.Travel subsidies are provided for business trips.

9.Perfect partnership promotion system, to provide comprehensive guidance for your career planning;


Be a man and do business; operate at a small profit, win by quality and quantity
To satisfy customers with what they want and what they need to do to help them